Format: feature film



Genre: Drama



Rights: Optioned





When grieving parents Eva and Christoph recognize they are struggling more than first realized, the limits of love, marriage and empathy are put to the test.



After a deadly car accident reshapes their lives forever, young, in-love couple Eva and Christoph give their everything to find normality.

Eva throws herself into her work, Christoph into caring for her. His worries are not unfounded, Eva’s grief sees her mental health decline, and worrying signs give Christoph pause for concern and consideration. As his efforts to help are rebuffed, and Eva buries her head in other obligations and distractions, Christoph feels unappreciated and alone. He goes in search of companionship and empathy elsewhere, but even that feels hollow – his loyalty and love for his wife winning through. As their relationship reaches an impasse, Eva reaches breaking point and multiple episodes lead to a final and seismic reckoning for them both – Eva returning to stay with her Dad and distance herself from Christoph, himself looking for solace in alcohol. Now seperated and learning to live with their loss the two wonder if there’s any path back for their marriage – and if there is, whether the other will be able to find it.


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