Genre: Fantasy



Rights: available





When the arrival of a nefarious demoness upturns a small Scottish town, a brave female agent working for a Vatican program to eliminate supernatural entities must race to stop her before she can awaken her fiendish master.



After a confrontation with a murderous apparition, Agent Megan Luckett has some questions for her handler, and the hierarchy of the organization she represents; the Godlen Contra.

A mysterious and shadowy protective force they vow to protect humanity from the dark forces of Rovina, their evil opposition. Megan quickly learns that her run-in was in fact a return of their most terrifying and destructive operative; Diabeth. Megan learns the hard way that Diabeth will stop at nothing to find what she is searching for. Located somewhere in Loch Awe is an antique voodoo doll, the final in a set that together can unleash the power of a long entombed demon, powerful enough to destroy civilization. The race is on for Megan to get there first and avoid as much bloodshed in the process.


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