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When idealistic journalist Ina sets out to find missing refugees, she stumbles upon a political conspiracy stretching from IS- Iraq to the highest echelons of German politics.



When terrorist leader, Kasib, gets arrested by the German authorities, the German Minister of the Interior, Jorg Von Stahl, cuts a deal with him. He’ll let Kasib go provided that Kasib does as Jorg commands. In the meantime, disgraced journalist, Ina, finds herself reporting on a local refugee camp when she learns of the mysterious disappearances of many of the refugees.

These disappearances then compel Ina to find out what happened to these marginalized people. At around the same time, Ina’s ex, Bernd, gets fired from his government job after decoding a strange ‘yellow-apple’ message to a high-level government authority. However, it’s not until an explosion goes off at a soccer stadium that Ina and Bernd are compelled to solve the mystery. Not only was Ina’s father killed in the attack, but all of the missing refugees are made out to be the terrorists behind the bombing.

Ina and Bernd find this too convenient, but they don’t have enough evidence to prove otherwise. Ina begins interviewing Refugees, while Bernd interviews government officials. It’s not until Ina finds a file on Kasib that the two begin to make serious progress. With Kasib’s info, Ina finds Berat who tells her that Kasib had recently been arrested by the police. Bernd also gets himself an interview with the head of the anti-terrorist official, Gerd, but Gerd is blown up by a car bomb before he can talk.

This then leads Ina and Bernd to seek out Heinrich for an interview. Being Gerd’s right-hand man, Heinrich is the last man who might know something. As it turns out, Heinrich has video footage of Jorg making a deal with Kasib. This is the smoking gun that Bernd and Ina were looking for. However, just as they get the evidence, assassins break into Heinrich’s place and kill Heinrich. In the ensuing chase, Ina gets captured as well.

Fortunately, Jorg’s right-hand man, Arthur, also learns of Jorg’s scheme and decides to work against his mentor to help Ina and Bernd. Arthur rescues Ina and reunites her with Bernd. It’s during this reunion, however, where the final fight takes place.

After a violent confrontation, only Ina, Arthur, and Bernd escape with their lives. Ina gives the evidenced to her boss at the press, and they immediately print the story. Jorg gets arrested by the authorities and then assassinated by the terrorists. The refugees are reunited with their families, and Ina and Bernd finally become a couple again.

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