Format: feature film



Genre: Drama



Rights: available





A father loses his grip on sanity when he signs up to fight in an unnamed war, so that he doesn’t have to stay home and watch his son die from leukaemia.



Newly minted as the leader of a rag tag force of international volunteer militia, Joshua has his work cut out. He recognizes the brilliance in some, brute force in others, but faced with an unrelenting enemy and difficult conditions he knows from the word go how difficult it will be to keep them unified and effective.

But Joshua must do just that, not just to satisfy the difficult objectives set out for him, but to help the desperate civilian populations they encounter. Realizing the morality and wider impact of the war they wage gives him and his team strength to push on, through adversity, trauma and death. But when that hits closer to home, with the fall of comrade, and unexpected and earth shattering news from his family at home, Joshua’s mettle is tested. Questioning everything he stands for and sees around him, he fights now for a future worth living in.

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