Format: feature film



Genre: Drama



Rights: available





Two women raised as sisters are faced with the consequences of an impossible promise made in childhood, when one of them becomes terminally ill.



Tina is reeling with grief; the loss of her Mother is more than enough to cause it, but the traumatizing decline in her condition only compounds the pain, leaving an indelible mark.

Suffering from the hereditary Huntington’s disease, Tina is fearful she faces the same fate. Her only solace comes from carefree friend Jane, who drags her through a bohemian youth, world travel and reshaping her worldview to focus on the present. It serves Tina well as we catch up with her years later, a happy family with loving husband Chris and a long and satisfying career as a school teacher. Jane is proud and happy to be back in her friend’s life on a visit to celebrate an award she’s due to receive.

But the happiness is mired by Tina’s increasingly erratic behavior. Jane notices it right away, Chris less willing to see the signs in front of him. As matters escalate, and history seems to be repeating itself Jane is determined to honour the promise she made years earlier, to help Tina through the illness. But she faces a difficult decision: how far she can step into another’s life, how hard she can push those around Tina, and how long she can put her life on hold to help. In a twisting tale of tragedy and love, Don’t Cry will be immediately familiar to every caregiver, and uncomfortable but important viewing for every friend.​

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