Format: feature film



Genre: Drama



Rights: available





After a life changing accident, avid scuba diver Emily must find a way back to doing what she loves.



After graduating University with good friends, a loving girlfriend and supportive family, Emily struggles to imagine life any differently. But a tragic accident cruelly rips the rug from beneath her, snatching away passions and pursuits she holds dear.

Losing the use of his legs, Emily must learn to adapt to her new mobility and face the trauma of giving up the thing she loved most dearly, Scuba Diving. But with the support of his family and friends she resolves to overcome. With the help of her engineer girlfriend Sarah, she idealizes and builds a prototype aide for disabled divers, helping to propel her safely underwater and potentially continue to follow her passion.

After some trial and error, she succeeds and becomes the first qualified paraplegic scuba diver. Her invention inspires and empowers others too, establishing the Equal Access Scuba Association with the help of a generous friend and investor. But as Emily’s star shines brighter, so too does her ego. Sidelining Sarah, she loses perspective, and slowly, the people that really matter. After another tragic accident, this time involving her invention, Emily faces losing everything. And with nobody around to help her through it, he realizes the only thing that matters, and sets about getting it back.


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