Format: feature film



Genre: Drama



Rights: optioned





When Basketball prospect Michael sees a promising life after college unravel, he must regain control, perspective, and fight for what matters, or face life alone.



Up and coming Basketball prospect Michael has graduated from college and excitedly embarks on a life of purpose and resolve.

Spurred on to support a life with his childhood sweetheart Laura, he envisages all his dreams falling into place. A professional contract with a great team, her accepting his proposal to marry, and news of their first son. But as each life milestonebrings more problems and stressors the balance of fate and luck swing against Michael.

A career ending injury threatens everything, no longer able to support his family financially he’s left directionless, cynical and struggling with alcohol. As he drifts from Laura, he casts aspersions about her loyalty and sees their son with increased hostility. As it emerges that they’ve been subject to even more misfortune, Michael struggles with his addiction and mental health, beginning to spiral. His race to the bottom is tempered only by the prospect of a second chance, redemption in his son. The question remains however whether he’ll take it, or if indeed it’s too late.

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